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Siena Task List

This page contains details of my freeware program, Siena Task List. The actual .zip file for the program is only about 5K, so why not download it and take a look? It won't take long and, until you try it, you never know! Before you do download anything though, please read my disclaimer.

About Siena Task List

When I first got my Siena, there was one thing which I really missed from my 3a. That was a task lister/switcher. On the 3a, I use the excellent Finder program, so I wanted something a bit like that (but without the launching capabilities because my Launch Pad program takes care of that!).

So, "Siena Task List" was born. I have coded it so that this version will not run on any machine apart from the Siena. There's no point in using it on a 3a/3c/3mx, as Finder is far superior. If anyone really wants it, I could quite easily adapt Siena Task List to run on a WorkAbout - so please let me know if you're interested.

At about 5K for the .OPO file, it's small and efficient - so can be left open all of the time. I've added the ability for it to detect a hotkey of Control-T when it's in the background, so you can switch back to it at any time very quickly. As with all of my other programs, Siena Task List is very easy to use. This shot for instance shows the main interface which is cursor driven:

Screenshot 1

Simple, but effective! And if you should need any help, there is also a full but concise help file included with Siena Task List...

Screenshot 2

Just in case you ever need them, Siena Task List also includes some other "task" features apart from displaying/switching:

Screenshot 3

Registration Information

Perhaps most importantly, Siena Task List is a free program! I hope that you (as I do) find it useful. However, please remember that even though Siena Task List is Freeware, I still retain all right on the code for it, and reverse translation is strictly forbidden!

Downloads & Other Information

If you find a bug or have a suggestion for a future version, then please feel free to contact me with it. Note however, that since Siena Task List is Freeware, I am under no obligation to produce updates or new versions.

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