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PassApps for the Psion 3a/3c/3mx/Siena

This page contains details about my PassApps program. The current .zip file(s) for PassApps itself are only about 15K in size, so why not download one and take a look? It won't take long and, until you try it, you never know! Before you do download anything though, please read my disclaimer.

About PassApps

PassApps now consists of 2 programs, PassAgn and PassDat. Both of which add password protection to the 3a/3c/3mx/Siena Agenda and Data applications respectively. I have always been surprised as to why Psion never allowed a password feature in these apps as I felt it needed one - so I wrote my own!. Both are very simple to use and are based tightly around each other, so there's a common and easy to use User Interface in both of the sub-programs. For the purpose of this page, I will just show the screenshots from PassAgn and not PassDat in order to save space.

PassAgn and PassDat both have the same icon as the Psion's normal Agenda/Data program so, once Agenda/Data is removed and PassAgn/PassDat is installed, it blends neatly into the system screen and you can't tell the difference! The name that both programs report to the system is also the same as the standard app so you can't detect it when you look at what apps are running.

When a user tries to open/create an Agenda file, this is what they're presented with - the correct password must be entered to gain access and the user is allowed 3 attempts before the program exits. All of these Screen Shots are taken from the 3a version of PassAgn, but the 3c version is identical to the 3a one except for a changed icon. The Siena version also follows the same basic design, so to save space, I've not shot any Siena/3c specific images.

PassAgn Screenshot 1
If the user had selected "YES" to configuring PassAgn then they would be presented with the configuration screen. All the options are menu or hotkey based, so it's very easy to set up.

PassAgn Screenshot 2

Finally, if for any reason you do require help, PassAgn/PassDat comes with a full help system that covers all the points you should need to know! This is entirely optional, and the user can choose if they want to install it or not.

PassAgn Screenshot 3

Version 1.90F now supports a whole new user interface so it's far easier to use, with files selected from System being immediately launched/created as they are with the normal Agenda application. By far the most important new revision though is Password encryption! As far as I know, PassApps is the only program of its sort to support this feature.

Registration Information

Now the important bit! PassApps is Shareware. This means that after a trial period of 21 days in which you test PassApps to see if you like it and want to use it, you MUST register with me (the author). Full details of how to do this are in the program, but the most important thing you need to know is that the fee is only 5 UK Pounds or 10 US Dollars (or the equivalent in a different currency plus 10% extra). Once you register, your code will be compatiable with all future versions. You only need to register once as the code you will receive is looked at by both PassAgn and PassDat!

RegNet If you want to register right now, then you can do so by using the excellent RegNet service! Simply click here to try it. Secure forms are available.

Downloads & Other Information

ZIP File Platform Version Comments
PASAPP3A.ZIPPsion Series 3a1.90FDownload this version if you want to use it on a Psion 3a
PASAPP3C.ZIPPsion Series 3c/3mx1.90FDownload this version if you want to use it on a Psion 3c
PASAPPSN.ZIPPsion Siena1.90FA new version to take into account icon and screen changes

And finally, you can visit my Reviews Index Page to see some of the reviews people have written about PassApps.

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