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Launch Pad for the Psion Series 3a/3c/3mx/Siena

This page contains details of my Launch Pad program. The actual .zip file for Launch Pad itself is only about 19K in size, so why not download it and take a look? It won't take long and, until you try it, you never know! Before you do download anything though, please read my disclaimer.

About Launch Pad

Launch Pad is the latest of my programs. It is (as you may have guessed by the name!) a program to launch other programs on the 3a/3c/3mx/Siena. It is different from all the other launchers currently availble in quite a few ways. For a start, it has 8 buttons (4 on the Siena), each of which you can assign an application to. When pressed, Launch Pad will launch that program. If it needs a file to run, you have 3 options (all governable by the user of course!):

  1. Launch same file each time
  2. Open at launch
  3. Create at launch

If the user picks number 1, then the same file is always opened. With number 2, you get to pick which file is opened each time you launch the button, and with number 3, you get to create a new file each time! Launch Pad makes use of multiple files, so you can create many different files for it, each storing 8 applications (for instance, I have "Games1.lpd" and "Games2.lpd", each holding 8 different games I use most on my 3a).

Launch Pad (like JWIN) has been designed to be small enough and use as little memory as possible so that it can be left running all the time and switched to quickly so you can launch your favourite apps fast. This is done via the use of a user definable hotkey (e.g. Control-L) and not by the user having to assign a button bar icon to it (although this can always be done as well if the user finds it more convenient).

The following 2 shots show the main interface screen as seen on both the 3a and Siena. As you can see, it's very easy to use!

Main Screen - 3a/3c/3mxMain Screen - Siena

There is also a full but concise help file included with Launch Pad that works on both the Siena and 3a/3c/3mx. This covers all of Launch Pad's most important features in easy to understand languge (and to make the user's life easier, help is available from all of the main program dialogs/menus and where possible in context sensitive form!)

Help - 3a/3c/3mx

The menu is small, but as a result un-cluttered, making Launch Pad even easier to use:

File Menu - 3a/3c/3mxScreen Menu - Siena

Configuring the buttons is done via 2 or 3 dialogs, depending on if you pick "Same file each time" or not. This shot is taken from the Siena to show how easy and intuative Launch Pad is:

Setup Button Dialog - Siena

And of course, there's also a whole host of useful preferences which you, the user, can set so Launch Pad works just that way you want:

Preferences Dialog - 3a/3c/3mx

Registration Information

Launch Pad is Shareware. This means that after a trial period of 25 days in which you test it to see if you like it and want to use it, you MUST register with me (the author). Full details of how to do this are in the program, but the most important thing you need to know is that the fee is only 5 UK Pounds or 10 US Dollars (or the equivalent in a different currency plus 10% extra).

RegNet If you want to register right now, then you can do so by using the excellent RegNet service! Simply click here to try it. Secure forms are available.

Downloads & Other Information

In developing Launch Pad, I must say a BIG "Thank you" to Tom Dolbilin, who helped me with/send to me a lot of the advanced launching code which makes Launch Pad so good. Without his help, Launch Pad would be no where near as small, useful or powerful!
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