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"Just What I Need" (JWIN) for the Psion 3a/3c/3mx/Siena

This page contains details of my JWIN program. The current .zip file for JWIN itself is only about 36K, so why not download it and take a look? It won't take long and, until you try it, you never know! Before you do download anything though, please read my disclaimer. And if you want an imparital opinion, please see Steve Litchfield's combined review of JWIN v1.41F for the 3a/3c/3mx/Siena and JWIN for EPOC v1.10F.

Please note: This page applies only to JWIN for the Psion 3a/3c/3mx/Siena. If you want details of the EPOC version, please visit the JWIN for EPOC page.

About JWIN

JWIN is a small utility designed to be there "Just when you need it". Its main feature is the conversion between all common (and many obscure) unit values. It also houses many other useful modules that people seem to need but can never find. It has been designed to be small enough and use as little memory as possible so that it can be left running all the time and switched to just as you need it! This is done via the use of a user definable hotkey (e.g. Control+J) and not by the user having to assign a button bar icon to it (although this can always be done aswell if the user finds it more convenient).

These 2 shots show the main interface screen as seen on both the 3a and Siena:

Main screen (3a/3c/3mx)Main screen (Siena)

There is also a full but concise help file included with JWIN that works on both the Siena and 3a/3c/3mx. This covers all of JWIN's most important features in easy to understand languge.

Help file (3a/3c/3mx)

There are a wealth of options on the menu to pick features from, these being just a few (shots taken from the 3a and Siena respectively).

Convert 1 menu (3a/3c/3mx)Convert 2 menu (Siena)

JWIN has several important preferences and options which you (the user) can change to make JWIN work exactly as you want:

Preferences dialog (3a/3c/3mx)

And finally, these shots show the wealth of other confiuguration options available from the 'Special' menu, and in particular the new currency setup, which allows you to add/delete/change and find out information about up to 50 currencies...

Special menu (3a/3c/3mx)Currency Sub-menu (Siena)

As you can see, JWIN has been designed to be extremely easy to use, yet at the same time very comprehensive.

A feature JWIN provides which is unique amongst all of the Psion conversion programs, is the ability to save the last used values from the conversion dialogs. So if you entered, for instance, Miles to Kilometres and a value of 24, the next time you ran that conversion, the first things you'd be shown would be Miles to Kilometres and a value of 24. Of course, this very handy addition can be turned on or off via the "Set preferences" option, but it can be very useful for repetative conversions.

Registration Information

JWIN is Shareware. This means that after a trial period of 25 days in which you test JWIN to see if you like it and want to use it, you MUST register with me (the author). Full details of how to do this are in the program, but the most important thing you need to know is that the fee is only 10 UK Pounds or 15 US Dollars (or the equivalent in a different currency plus 10% extra).

RegNet If you want to register the 3a/3c/3mx/Siena version right now, then you can do so by using the excellent RegNet service! Simply click here to try it. Secure forms are available.

Downloads & Other Information

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