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Please bear with me as more and more links, etc. are added to this site. Since the Psion 5 was only released quite recently, I'm still in the middle of gathering all the information I can. As a result, this page will be constantly "under construction".

Psion 5 Symbol None of my (or anyone else's) programs written for the 3a/3c/3mx/Siena will work on the new Psion 5. However, I am now an EPOC World member (see below), so am already in the process of porting my programs!! You can find more details on my Developments News page. So far, I'm quite pleased overall. Some of the new features in OPL32 are not only "nice", they're also powerful and many functions when ported will require a lot less code. You can see for yourself if you like - by trying JWIN for EPOC! Ports of Launch Pad and then TimeMan (in that order) are to follow soon. All registration codes are the same, so registered 3a/3c/3mx/Siena users who upgrade their machines to a 5, will also be able to upgrade my programs for free!

So far, these are the best places to look for information, details, etc... Since the 5 is still a relatively new machine, there have inevitably been a few bugs which found there way into the release software. The most major bug is to do with moving icons around the "Extra's" bar, and you can find more details on Steve Litchfield's Psion 5 bug page. Apart from that, somebody else has also setup a more general bug page with details of specific bugs in the internal applications (eg Word, Sheet, etc.). Thankfully, most of these have been fixed in the more recent Series 5 machines, which all come with ROM v1.01 (instead of the original v1.00) installed.
While you're here, you may also be interested in a "clone" of the Series 5! A company called Geofox have licensed the EPOC operating system and software from Symbian and have used it in their own machine - the Geofox-One. The basis for this "comparison" table was gathered from a public Psion newsgroup. The original poster was somebody called "bj", to whom I'm very grateful:

Item\MachineSeries 5Geofox-One
Diagonal display size5.6"6.8"
Display resolution640x240640x320
Backlight presentYesYes
Min/Max RAM (MB)4/84/16
PCMCIA slot(s) (I/II)01
CompactFlash slot(s)10
Pointing devicePen"Glidepoint"
Touch screenYesNo
Size (mm)170x88x24187x120x20
Weight (oz)12.613.7
QWERTY separation14mm14mm
Separate numeric padNoYes
Warranty1 year3 years
Base price ($US)$599$499
E-mail/WebFree download from PsionIncluded with machine

Incidentally, the e-mail and web programs are not on the ROM of the Geofox, so they can be deleted if you don't want to use them in order to free up RAM.

So, which machine do you prefer? In the end, it will all come down to personal preference, and (although I've never used a Geofox) I personally prefer the Series 5. The keyboard is truly excellent and although the screen may be smaller than on the Geofox, I like the pen-based style of navigation, and think that the glidepoint will be too fiddly. As I say though, the choice really is yours - and it's made harder by the fact both machines are very compitent and very desirable!

Images at the top of this page are taken from Psion's WWW site and are property of Psion UK PLC.
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